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**Dr. Ramani will no longer be scheduling any new clients or consultations.**

Dr. Ramani will no longer be scheduling any new clients or consultations.

Dr. Ramani’s practice is focused on working consultatively with clients experiencing the impacts of antagonistic, high-conflict relationships (e.g. narcissistic abuse).  This may present across a variety of contexts including intimate relationships/marital relationships, family of origin, adult children, workplace, friendships, and other systems.  She works from an intersectional perspective and integrates understanding a person wholly and with regard to the intersections between gender, race/ethnicity, culture, social class, sexual orientation, nationality, disabilities and age. 

Going forward, Dr. Ramani is only doing short-term consultative work focused on these types of situations and is not enrolling long term clients or clients who require being seen on a regular basis. 


CLIENTS LOCATED IN CALIFORNIA: while insurance cannot be directly billed, a superbill can be provided for submission to your insurer as an out of network provider.

$500/hour or each portion thereof.

*You may book longer or shorter sessions.

Yes, but at this time all sliding scale slots are full.

No. As a policy, Dr. Ramani does not allow individuals to make appointments on behalf of third parties.

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